Smart consumptionPower in Balance
Our power grid increasingly has to take account of variable generation sources. What if we learned how to adjust our electricity consumption, so that we could do our bit to help balance the electricity grid?

All kinds of benefits

There are a whole lot of benefits to consuming rationally:
  • you give the environment a helping hand;
  • your electricity bills are lower;
  • you learn to adjust your consumption, which will probably be an important habit in the future.
So are you ready to be a smart consumer?

Getting started

It is always best to start by taking stock of your current situation:
  • how much electricity do you consume each year?
  • which of your household appliances consume most electricity?
When you know how much electricity your appliances consume, you can start to develop good habits: not running your washing machine or dishwasher when they are only half full, switching off the air conditioning when there will be no-one around, closing the curtains to stop heat building up during the day, and so on.