Making sure there is…Power in Balance

In Belgium, a number of stakeholders are responsible for organising the electricity market so that it can meet the needs of the country, its businesses and its residents.

Federal authorities

They define the country’s overall policy on the subject:

  • Belgium must have enough conventional and renewable generation units to meet current
    and future consumption needs;

  • the power grids must be strong enough to transmit and distribute power from generation sources
    to consumption centres.

Producers/suppliers (such as Electrabel, Luminus, Lampiris and Eneco)

They undertake to supply their customers with enough electricity to meet their needs.

Electricity transmission system operator (Elia)

Elia provides a reliable grid for electricity transmission in Belgium and for import/export operations with neighbouring countries. It also works around the clock to ensure that there is always a balance, in real time, between generation and consumption.

Distribution system operators (such as Eandis, Infrax, Ores and Sibelga)

They transmit electricity to consumers.