Electricity’s journeyPower in Balance

Electricity makes quite a journey to get to our homes…

1 Electricity is generated by a producer, in Belgium or abroad, who has power stations or generation units. These could be nuclear, coal-fired or gas-fired power stations, wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants, etc.

2 This electricity is then purchased by a supplier, who sells it on to customers with whom it has concluded a supply contract. Customers may be private individuals or companies.

Electricity needs to be transmitted from producers to customers – and this is where the system operators come in. They are:

  • 3 the transmission system operator for the high-voltage grid, Elia, who transmits electricity from generation plants to distribution grids and to industrial customers who consume a lot of electricity

  • 4 the distribution system operators, like Eandis, Infrax, Ores, Reva, and Sibelga, who transmit electricity to private individuals, institutions, SMEs, and so on.

5 The electricity is delivered to the end consumer. These days, consumers may also generate small amounts of electricity – for instance, if a private individual has solar panels.