The challenges facing the…Power in Balance

Although electricity is part of our everyday lives, there are huge challenges linked to its use.

No storage

Electricity cannot be stored on a large scale, so it needs to be generated at the same time as it is consumed. In other words, when you switch on a light in your living room, a generation unit somewhere is generating the power you need to keep the light on. And it all happens in real time!

Electricity needs to be generated at the same time as it is consumed.

Maintaining a balance

Electricity consumption and generation must always be balanced.
A large, uncontrolled imbalance could cause the power grid to collapse.

New generation sources

Power generation sources are diversifying: we are now using more and more renewable sources, such as wind or solar power, along with conventional energy sources like gas, nuclear power and coal.

Renewable energy cannot be generated all the time – for instance, there can be no wind power without wind. This has a major impact on the way the grid’s balance is managed. And it wil also affect our consumption behaviour in the future.

For more information , take a look at the video (in French)